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Accomodation in Mikulov

The accommodation is located in a nice calm  upper part of the town Mikulov. The unique location of the accommodation provides marvellous view not only on vineyards but also on the whole panorama of the town Mikulov including close parts of Austria.

The accommodation with long years tradition is an ideal place for your holidays as well as for a stay for just a night. There are six rooms from double rooms up to rooms for four people (there are possible to make extra beds there as well). Each room has it´s own bathroom. There is also a terrace and garden in country style with lots of places for your rest - nice open air place for sitting, gridiron, places for your children - a small swimming pool, a sand place, a swing, etc.

There are many not only historical places to visit in our town. Let´s start with the closest places to your accommodation. Those who are interested in nature might visit Turold with newly open cave. Those who prefer products of our nature might find wine cellars more interesting. Few steps further you can admire wonders of nature - newly reconstructed Goat Hill, The Chateau or Jewish Cemetery. For those who do not mind a bit of exercise, there is a wonderful Holly Hill or lots of cycling tracks.

Please, respect, dogs and other pets are not permitted. No exceptions after booking a room neither upon arrival.

Informace o zpracování osobních údajů

Hliniště 25, 692 01 Mikulov na Moravě, Česká republika
+420 519 510 103, +420 728 161 541

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